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Update on the Volatile State of the Affordable Care Act
October 27, 2017
A couple weeks ago, President Trump took a major step in dismantling the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare,"when he announced his Administration would stop providing federal subsidies to health insurers that help provide insurance coverage to millions of low-income Americans.
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The Current Battle over the ACA: Federal Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments
August 23, 2017
Despite increasing pressure from insurers, health professionals, patient advocate groups, and health care industry leaders during the month of July, the Senate Republicans made multiple attempts to pass some form of a health care bill that repealed some or all of the Affordable Care Act.
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Round and Round and Round We Go, Where the Health Care Bill Will End Up...Nobody Seems to Know!
May 25, 2017
On May 4, 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives finally voted on and passed the much debated  American  Health  Care Act, H.R. 1628 (“AHCA”). The next step, of course, is for the Senate to consider the bill, but one thing appears to be certain – vast changes to the current bill are expected.
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U.S. House of Representatives Approves ACA Repeal Bill
May 5, 2017
On May 4, 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives narrowly approved a revised version of the American Health Care Act (“AHCA”), a bill that both repeals certain parts of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) and provides new provisions that would significantly change how individuals and employers pay for and receive health insurance.
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