Workplace Trends

Race and the Workplace
June 25, 2020
We by no means claim to be social scientists with a blueprint to address the scope of racial disparities. That said, we suggest employers consider the following.
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Behind the Blind Selection Screen
November 19, 2019
A market has developed for blind interviewing software to strip identifying information from applicant resumes.
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Lactation Law Verdict Sends a Message: Don’t Mess With Mom!
May 7, 2019
$3.8 million dollars. That’s what a Tucson, Arizona jury awarded to a former fire paramedic denied workplace accommodations required under the Fair Labor Standards Act for women who want to pump breast milk for their infants.
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An Employer’s Guide to March Madness
March 18, 2019
March Madness has descended upon employers everywhere. Yesterday was Selection Sunday for the NCAA Men’s Division I basketball tournament, and today, an estimated 40 million Americans will begin filling out their tournament brackets – many of them at work.
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Extraordinary Employee Misconduct: Saving Nude Pictures to Work Computer!
February 13, 2019
Many people use their personal cell phones for work. And as a matter of habit, they may plug their cell phones into their work computer – maybe to sync it or charge it. But what they aren’t thinking about is that the work computer backs up the content on the phone. All. Of. It.
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Technology in the Workplace – an Overview of Employment Law Issues in Europe
February 1, 2019
In this article, we discuss the key issues relating to technology in the workplace in various European jurisdictions.
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Now that You Know that a RIF Is Not a “Magic Bullet” (Performance Management Advice for Managers in Five Easy Pieces)
January 25, 2019
Let’s talk about how to “set the table” for success – or separation from employment that will hold up – such that your company is not tempted to use a RIF as a means to an end (other than its intended end).
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Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful (I think I Need a Sick Day)!!
January 3, 2019
If you are in a state with mandatory sick leave, employees may be invoking their right to no-questions-asked leave when you otherwise prohibit any excuses.
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21C Workplace Success Begins with a Handshake (and Eye Contact)!
December 12, 2018
The 21st Century is in full swing.  Yet, we still don’t quite know what it means to be a 21C workplace.
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Raining Cats and Dogs in the Workplace? It’s Pawssible
August 15, 2018
I gush over any dog I see – anytime, anywhere.  So this begs the question: will I ever be able to see a dog every day while I’m at work?
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Twitter Storms, Flash Floods, No Jobs
August 8, 2018
The incessant rain on the East Coast, interspersed with weird calms of blue-sky sunniness, are jarring in ways that make one reflect.
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Lessons Learned from those “Special” Treats in the Breakroom or at the Office Party
May 31, 2018
About two weeks ago, it was widely reported that a Michigan woman brought brownies baked with laxatives (yes, you read that right) to work for another employee’s going away party.
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