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Lindner & Marsack, S.C.

Lindner & Marsack, S.C.
411 East Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 1800
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
Phone: (414) 226-4804
Fax: (414) 273-0522
Web site:
Firm Size: 19 Lawyers
Primary Contact:
Laurie Petersen
Cell: 414-630-4803

Firm Description

Lindner & Marsack is one of the nation's pre-eminent law firms specializing in labor, employment, employee benefits law, and workers' compensation law. Established in 1908, the firm's experience, talent and success are uniformly respected in the business and legal communities. Serving as counselors and attorneys, Lindner & Marsack has represented municipalities, government entities and companies of all sizes in industries ranging from traditional manufacturing to emerging high-tech concerns, from wholesale distribution to retail, and from trucking to construction. Although other firms possess a variety of the skills and experience we list, very few measure up to our comprehensive capability. It is reassuring to know that the full depth of our expertise is at your disposal -- that your problems are being handled by attorneys who have been there before.

As proud as we are of the many court victories we have achieved, we are most satisfied with the millions we have saved our clients on cases never filed because the right plan was implemented. At Lindner & Marsack, the experience, talent and skill required to manage any situation is always just a phone call or e-mail away. Whether it's dealing with a problem employee, downsizing an aspect of business, re-designing an employee benefits program, or any other employment-related problem, Lindner & Marsack has addressed the issue before in hundreds of situations.

The key to any successful attorney-client relationship is service. At Lindner & Marsack, each client has a primary attorney responsible for our firm's legal representation on his or her behalf. All client services are coordinated, monitored and directed by the primary attorney. In addition, we employ a full complement of specialists within the firm to assist on a problem-by-problem, case-by-case approach. Each client need is addressed by the most appropriate talent, resulting in quality, cost-efficient representation.

Lindner & Marsack is proud of the quality of the service it delivers. The advice we provide emerges from years of experience and a solid foundation in the reality of running a business. Our written product equals or exceeds the quality of any firm, large or small. We speak the language of American business and are as comfortable preparingthe front line supervisor to testify as we are articulating a negotiating strategy to the CEO.v 

Simply put, we know the law, we know our clients' interests, and we know how to win.

Just as Lindner & Marsack understands the competitive business realities confronting our clients, we are sensitive to the competitive pressures of our own profession. Too many lawyers are reluctant to openly discuss costs. This reluctance is detrimental to the client relationship and distorts a necessary ingredient in making a sound business decision -- whether it be whom to retain or whether to settle a case.

Over the years we have learned that clients appreciate that we address issues of cost openly and directly. Lindner & Marsack offers a competitive fee structure, the right mix of associates and partners to tackle our clients' problems, and a willingness to explore creative approaches to billing in order to meet a clients' unique needs and circumstances.

Lindner & Marsack offers quality, price-sensitive representation designed to address the needs of our clients. The achievements of our attorneys in thousands of court cases, administrative hearings, contract negotiations, union organizing drives and the successful implementation of artfully drawn corporate strategies, culminate in the end result of which we are most proud: our satisfied clients.


Attorney Biographies

Douglas M. Feldman
Doug heads the firm's worker's compensation defense team. Prior to joining the firm, he was associated with a Milwaukee insurance defense firm where his practice revolved exclusively around the defense of worker's compensation claims for the insurance industry and self-insured employers. His current practice is primarily focused upon representing insurance companies and self-insured employers in worker's compensation matters as well as representing management in labor relations issues such as termination issues, ADA claims and handicap discrimination. Doug is a frequent lecturer and speaker on topics such as worker's compensation, family and medical leave, The Americans With Disabilities Act, and other related issues.

Kristofor L. Hanson
Kris represents employers in various matters before both state and federal courts as well as administrative forums. His practice includes the defense of claims brought by employees under Title VII, the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act, the Wisconsin Fair Employment Law, Michigan's Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, and the Illinois Human Rights Act. His practice also involves counseling employers in various matters, including issues related to family and medical leave, job accommodation, discipline, and discharge.

Alan M. Levy
Al has been involved in all aspects of labor and employment law, representing public and private employers and employee benefit programs. He has appeared before all levels of the federal and state courts, as well as the National Labor Relations Board, the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission, and various equal employment agencies. Al has been listed in every edition of Who's Who in American Law since 1982. Prior to joining Lindner & Marsack, S.C. in 1991, Al already had over 26 years of experience as an attorney in private practice and as the Senior Legal Counsel and Director of Plan Development and Compliance for the Central States, Southeast and Southwest Areas Health & Welfare and Pension Funds. Since 1988 he has also been an Adjunct Professor of Labor and Employment Law in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Masters in Industrial and Labor Relations program.

Thomas W. Mackenzie
Tom has extensive experience in both labor and employment law. For unionized clients, he serves as chief spokesman in contract negotiations, assists in day-to-day contract administration and grievance handling, and handles a broad spectrum of arbitration cases from discharge to contract interpretation and has been consulted to devise and assist in the successful implementation of strategies for outsourcing, work transfer, team building, gainsharing and novel approaches to other tough issues in collective bargaining. For non-union and union clients, he provides ongoing advice in maintaining employment policies, practices and decision making-whether it be a discipline issue or a large reduction in force-which minimizes the risk relative to discrimination and employment laws. Tom is a contributing author to publications of the State Bar of Wisconsin on employment law issues. He is a member of the American Bar Association as well as its Labor Law Section and is also a member of the Wisconsin Bar and its Labor Law Section where he serves as a member of its Board of Directors.

Gary A. Marsack
Gary is President and CEO of the firm. His expertise and experience has been recognized in the book The Best Lawyers in America. He is a frequent speaker on recent trends in contract negotiations, strikes, National Labor Relations Board and court developments, compensation and benefit issues, equal employment matters, and union organization. Gary serves on the American Bar Association Developing Labor Law Committee. He is a contributor to the book "Developing Labor Law" and its annual supplements. He has authored law review articles on the labor relations' aspects of mergers, acquisitions and successorship law. Frequently, Gary is consulted by national clients for his advice and expertise in traditional labor law issues, including structuring comprehensive substance abuse programs, their implementation through supervisory training, and litigation of issues arising out of the program. In addition, based upon his experience as a trial lawyer with the NLRB (1968-1970), he frequently represents clients in complex litigation matters in courts, arbitration and before the NLRB.

David C. McKone
David’s practice is focused on defending worker’s compensation claims for the insurance industry and self-insured employers. Prior to joining Lindner & Marsack, S.C., David was associated with the in-house counsel legal departments of two major insurance corporations. His practice included exposure to all aspects of insurance litigation including health law, personal injury, property damage, subrogation, with primary emphasis on worker’s compensation. David is a frequent lecturer on various worker’s compensation issues, and has conducted seminars for Lorman Education Services and Management Resources Association.

Daniel M. Pedriana
Dan’s practice is primarily focused on defending workers’ compensation claims for the insurance industry and self-insured employers, along with handling related subrogation issues. Prior to Lindner & Marsack, Dan was an in-house attorney with a major insurance company. His practice included defending personal injury claims, property damage claims, workers’ compensation claims, and he also handled various subrogation claims. Dan is admitted to practice in Wisconsin and New Mexico, as well as before the United States District Courts in the Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit.Dan is currently an adjunct faculty member at a local university, where he teaches classes in employment law, business law, and business ethics.

Laurie A. Petersen
Laurie's practice covers a broad spectrum of labor and employment issues, including employment policies and practices, unfair labor practices and collective bargaining, grievance and arbitration, employee discipline and discharge, immigration, employment discrimination and affirmative action, family and medical leave, wrongful termination, unemployment compensation, wage and hour, and health and safety matters. She has litigated before various courts and federal and state agencies. Laurie has lectured on diverse employment-related subjects, such as sexual harassment, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, employment discrimination, effective counseling, discipline and discharge, effective interviewing and performance evaluations, grievance and arbitration, occupational health and safety, and the development and implementation of substance abuse and affirmative action programs. She has extensive experience in developing employee and supervisory training programs for her clients.

Jonathan T. Swain
Jonathan's practice encompasses both labor and employment law issues. He consults with clients concerning contract administration and collective bargaining strategies including acting as chief spokesperson at the bargaining table. He represents employers in the area of individual rights and responsibilities in the workplace with particular emphasis on employment discrimination. Jonathan has taught courses at the college level in the area of personnel management and labor law. He is a frequent speaker on recent trends in contract negotiations, the Americans with Disabilities Act, discrimination in the workplace, maintaining non-union status, and trends before the National Labor Relations Board and the state and federal courts. Jonathan has been a contributing writer to the "Business Journal of Milwaukee" on labor and employment-related developments. He is a member of the Governor's Advisory Council on Judicial Selection for the State of Wisconsin, having been appointed to that Council by Governor Tommy Thompson in January, 1987.

Oyvind Wistrom
Oyvind's practice is focused primarily on the litigation of employment claims, equal employment matters, and the development and oversight of personnel policies and procedures. Oyvind also has significant experience defending worker's compensation claims on behalf of the insurance industry and large self-insured employers, both at the hearing tribunal level, as well as the Labor and Industry Review Commission and appellate court levels. Oyvind also devotes a significant portion of his practice to assisting and counseling clients in various employment matters, including discharge and discipline issues, non-compete and other employment contract matters, wage and hour disputes, family and medical leave issues, as well as individual rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

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