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December 12, 2013Reduction of Retroactively Granted Banked Hours Violates ERISA
December 02, 2013Donning and Doffing Claims Not Defeated by Absence of OSHA Mandate
November 22, 2013HR Comments About Employee's ‘Shelf Life’ Insufficient to Establish Age Bias
November 22, 2013Faulty Securities Filings Can Lead to Benefits Liability
November 15, 2013Salesman Entitled to Trial on Age-Bias Claim
November 15, 2013Sexual Harassment Punitive-Damages Award Reduced
November 01, 2013Gender-Stereotyping Evidence Establishes Same-Sex Harassment
October 25, 2013EEOC Ordered to Pay Fees for Groundless Pursuit of Criminal Background Check Lawsuit
October 17, 2013Was HR Manager’s Comment Admissible in Bias Case?
October 10, 2013Workers Returning from Military Leave Must Be Considered for Discretionary Promotions
October 07, 2013Right to Arbitration Not Necessarily Waived by Delay
September 28, 2013Supervisor’s Comments Were Evidence of Age Discrimination
September 23, 2013Time Spent Walking Between Changing Stations and Time Clocks Not Working Time
September 11, 2013Fluctuating-Workweek Method Should Be Used to Calculate Overtime Damages
September 09, 2013Wage and Hour Action Not Barred by Union Contract

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