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October 25, 2013EEOC Ordered to Pay Fees for Groundless Pursuit of Criminal Background Check Lawsuit
October 17, 2013Was HR Manager’s Comment Admissible in Bias Case?
October 10, 2013Workers Returning from Military Leave Must Be Considered for Discretionary Promotions
October 07, 2013Right to Arbitration Not Necessarily Waived by Delay
September 28, 2013Supervisor’s Comments Were Evidence of Age Discrimination
September 23, 2013Time Spent Walking Between Changing Stations and Time Clocks Not Working Time
September 11, 2013Fluctuating-Workweek Method Should Be Used to Calculate Overtime Damages
September 09, 2013Wage and Hour Action Not Barred by Union Contract
September 03, 2013Employer Was Liable for Gender-Based Hostile Work Environment Created by Employees
August 26, 2013Unforeseeable Business Circumstances May Reduce, but Not Eliminate, WARN Notice Duty
August 19, 2013Employers Must Pay Minimum Wage and Overtime to Undocumented Workers
August 12, 2013Cable Technicians Misclassified as Independent Contractors
August 05, 2013Supermarket CEO Found Personally Liable Under FLSA
July 26, 2013Unintentional Omissions Not ERISA § 204(h) Notice Violations
July 18, 2013No Bias or Retaliation Where Employee Resigned After Negative Reviews

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