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June 22, 2012Statistical Evidence Alone Can Establish Prima-Facie Disparate Treatment Claim
June 14, 2012Duties of Plan Fiduciaries in ESOPs Clarified
June 11, 2012Company Assumed Successor Liability for Retiree Health Care Benefits
June 04, 2012Store Manager with Bad Knee Could Not Perform Essential Functions of Job
May 24, 2012FMLA Retaliation Claim Fails Where Employer Believed Claimant Was Abusing Leave
May 21, 2012Offensive Language Supported Hostile Environment Claim
May 09, 2012ERISA Suit Does Not Require Joinder of Trustees
May 07, 2012Retirement Plan That Considered Age Did Not Violate ADEA
April 26, 2012OSHA Recordkeeping Citations Must Issue Within Six Months
April 20, 2012Failure to Develop Alternate Theory of Discrimination Precludes Appeal of Denial of Class Certification
April 13, 2012States Not Immune from DOJ Suits Under USERRA
April 06, 2012Unequal Severance Packages Are Adverse Employment Actions
March 30, 2012White Employee Fails to Show Her Termination Was Reverse Discrimination
March 19, 2012EEOC Must Identify Individual Claimants and Investigate Claims Before Filing Suit
March 19, 2012Co-owner Who Has No Operational Control Over Employees Is Not ‘Employer’

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