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August 20, 2012Claim Employer Hired Undocumented Workers Does Not Establish RICO Violation
August 14, 2012Courts Must Defer to EEOC Assessments of Relevance
August 03, 2012Job Need Not be Kept Open Indefinitely Under FMLA
July 26, 2012Unforeseeable Business Circumstances Excuse WARN Act Requirement
July 20, 2012Title VII Does Not Protect Opposition to All Unlawful Activity
July 16, 2012Racial Comments Support Harassment and Constructive Discharge Claims
July 09, 2012Male-on-Male Teasing Not Sexual Harassment
June 27, 2012Equal Pay Act Defenses Clarified
June 22, 2012Statistical Evidence Alone Can Establish Prima-Facie Disparate Treatment Claim
June 14, 2012Duties of Plan Fiduciaries in ESOPs Clarified
June 11, 2012Company Assumed Successor Liability for Retiree Health Care Benefits
June 04, 2012Store Manager with Bad Knee Could Not Perform Essential Functions of Job
May 24, 2012FMLA Retaliation Claim Fails Where Employer Believed Claimant Was Abusing Leave
May 21, 2012Offensive Language Supported Hostile Environment Claim
May 09, 2012ERISA Suit Does Not Require Joinder of Trustees

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