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March 12, 2012Employer May Terminate Employee Who Exhausts FMLA Leave
March 12, 2012Employee Who Could Not Work Overtime Was Not Disabled Under ADA
March 02, 2012No ERISA Violation When Employees Lost Some Benefits
February 21, 2012Felony Conviction, Other Misconduct Did Not Limit Back Pay Award
February 09, 2012Employer’s Organizing Assistance May Be ‘Illegal Payment’ to Union
February 06, 2012Consideration of Employees’ Projected Retirement Dates Was Evidence of Age Bias
January 26, 2012Court Expands Employee’s Ability to Use Evidence of Comparators
January 19, 20121st Circuit: Suspension with Pay Did Not Violate Public Employee’s Due Process Rights
January 12, 20126th Circuit: More Education and Experience Do Not Mean Superior Qualifications
January 09, 201211th Circuit: Employers Must Arbitrate Only if Explicitly Required by Contract
December 15, 20119th Circuit: Contest NLRB Orders Before Board to Preserve Argument in Court
December 09, 20117th Circuit: ‘Admissions’ by Managers Admissible in Discrimination Lawsuit
November 28, 201110th Circuit: Jury Verdict of $2 Million in Punitive Damages Ruled Too High
November 18, 20118th Cir.: Discrimination Claim Accrued Late in Employer’s Bankruptcy Action not Discharged
November 04, 20113rd Circuit: Court Delineates Scope of Employee’s Constitutionally Protected Privacy Interest

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