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January 19, 20121st Circuit: Suspension with Pay Did Not Violate Public Employee’s Due Process Rights
January 12, 20126th Circuit: More Education and Experience Do Not Mean Superior Qualifications
January 09, 201211th Circuit: Employers Must Arbitrate Only if Explicitly Required by Contract
December 15, 20119th Circuit: Contest NLRB Orders Before Board to Preserve Argument in Court
December 09, 20117th Circuit: ‘Admissions’ by Managers Admissible in Discrimination Lawsuit
November 28, 201110th Circuit: Jury Verdict of $2 Million in Punitive Damages Ruled Too High
November 18, 20118th Cir.: Discrimination Claim Accrued Late in Employer’s Bankruptcy Action not Discharged
November 04, 20113rd Circuit: Court Delineates Scope of Employee’s Constitutionally Protected Privacy Interest
November 04, 20112nd Circuit: Court Adopts ‘Presumption of Prudence’ Standard in ‘Stock Drop’ Cases
October 28, 20116th Circuit: Court Remands Top-Hat Case to Plan Administrator’s Review Committee
October 20, 20118th Circuit: Class Certification Denied in Discrimination Lawsuit
October 13, 20112nd Circuit: Returning Service Members Must Be Given Reasonable Opportunity to Rebuild Commission Income
September 08, 20117th Circuit: Termination of Pregnant Employee Raises Multiple Potential Legal Claims
August 25, 20119th Cir: Section 1981 Retaliation Claim Subject to Four-Year Limitations Period
August 04, 20116th Circuit: Employee Unable to Prove ADA Claim Based on Wife’s Condition

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