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February 19, 2016'But For' Standard Applied to FMLA Retaliation
February 03, 2016Insurance Fraud Investigators Entitled to Overtime Pay Under FLSA
January 21, 2016Employee Entitled to Trial on Racial Harassment Claim
January 11, 2016HR Director Fired After Complaining About FLSA Compliance Has Retaliation Claim
January 08, 2016Employer Lawfully Denied Accommodation Requests
January 05, 2016Applicant Can Use Disparate Impact Theory for Age Bias Claim
December 17, 2015Staffing Agency and Client Can Both Be Employers of Temp Worker
December 14, 2015Court Refuses to Enforce Noncompete Clause
December 08, 2015Overbroad Employee Handbook Rules Invalidated
November 25, 2015EEOC Granted Broad Right to Employee Data in Sex Bias Investigation
November 20, 2015Muslim Woman Called ‘Evil’ by Boss Has Claims Revived
November 13, 2015Independent Investigation Can Preclude ‘Cat’s Paw’ Liability
November 06, 2015Shoulder-Shrugging Employee’s Age Claim Is Revived
October 30, 2015Union Safety Specialist Must Be Given Access to Fatal Accident Site
October 23, 2015Independent Disciplinary Review Defeats Discrimination Claim

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