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August 31, 2015Contract Lawyer May Be Entitled to Overtime
August 21, 2015Overtime Due Despite Conflicting Evidence
August 07, 20156th Cir.: Termination Partly Based on Protected Complaints May Be Retaliation
July 31, 20154th Cir.: Employer’s Harassment Investigation Inadequate
July 24, 20152nd Cir.: Racial Bias of Person Recommending Tenure Denial Taints Decision
July 17, 20153rd Cir.: FMLA Allows Employee to Correct Deficient Medical Certification
July 14, 201511th Cir.: FMLA Certification Submitted After Discharge Basis for Claim
July 07, 20156th Cir.: Employee’s Testimony Alone Prevents Dismissal of Overtime Claim
June 25, 20158th Cir.: Inconsistencies Enough to Send FMLA Claims to Trial
June 18, 20152nd Cir.: Deaf Engineer Reasonably Accommodated with Sign Language Interpreters
June 11, 20157th Cir.: Employer’s Dissembling Saves Employee’s Retaliation Claim
June 05, 20154th Cir.: Isolated Incident Can Support Harassment Claim
May 28, 20153rd Cir.: NLRB Directed to Examine Employer’s Motives
May 14, 20152nd Cir.: FLSA Protects Worker Who Made Informal, Oral Complaint
May 07, 20156th Cir.: Telecommuting as an Accommodation Has Limits

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