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April 30, 20158th Cir.: No FMLA Protection for Employee Suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease
April 24, 20155th Cir.: Failure to Record Hours Worked Was Willful FLSA Violation
April 16, 20159th Cir.: Service Advisors Are Not Exempt Employees
April 08, 2015Termination for Misconduct Did Not Violate ADA
April 02, 2015Sexual Orientation Bias Claim Goes to Jury
March 27, 2015Employee Fails to Show High Blood Pressure Was Serious Health Condition
March 20, 2015Expert Report in Support of Background Check Claim Excluded
March 13, 2015Requiring Employees to Sign Release Is Not Retaliation Under Anti-Bias Laws
March 06, 2015Court Takes Nuanced Approach to Race and Color Discrimination
February 27, 2015Teacher Fails to Link Firing to Retaliatory Bias
February 20, 2015Termination for Unauthorized Breaks Not FMLA Retaliation
February 12, 2015FLSA Claim Proceeds Where Supervisor Knew Employee Underreported Hours
February 06, 2015Restrictions Do Not Automatically Make Meal Breaks Compensable
January 29, 2015 Admissions About Disability Precluded ADA Claim
January 22, 2015No ADA Claim Where Employee Quit

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