Support/Service Animals in the Workplace – What Should Employers Do?
January 25, 2023
Requests for accommodation via service and emotional support animals are becoming increasingly common, particularly in connection with mental disabilities. And clearly, this topic is one of particular interest for the EEOC.
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Federal Government Passes Enhanced Protections for Pregnant and Nursing Workers
January 3, 2023
On December 29, 2022, President Joe Biden signed a $1.7 trillion spending bill into law that included a pair of amendments which significantly change civil rights laws affecting new and expecting mothers.
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Créche/Nursery Facility at Workplace - Indian Legal Framework
October 20, 2022
Female labour participation in India is one of the lowest in the world. As per the National Minimum Guidelines for Setting up and Running crèche (nurseries) issued by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the lack of safe and quality childcare support is one of the contributing factors to the low female labour participation.
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Are Rumor Based Beliefs a Defense to Discrimination Claims?
August 24, 2022
Does an employer violate discrimination laws when it acts on information that it honestly believes about an employee that disqualifies him from the job? An appellate court recently provided the answer.
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Employers – Don’t Automatically Assume Prescription Meds Pose a Danger in the Workplace
July 13, 2022
It’s not surprising that some employers are concerned when employees take prescription medications that come with certain warnings – particularly when those employees are working with heavy machinery or sharp objects, or getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.
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Reasonable Accommodations Don’t Just Start at the Office Door…
July 6, 2022
When considering a request for reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, many employers focus on what will enable an employee to perform the essential functions of their job. But the reasonable accommodation obligation is actually broader than that.
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Extraordinary Workplace Misconduct: Celebrating You is a Piece of Cake…
April 21, 2022
A Kentucky-based medical laboratory, Gravity Diagnostics, was found liable by a jury for disability discrimination when it fired an employee who suffered from an anxiety disorder that caused panic attacks.
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“[M]aintaining Consciousness is a Basic Element of any Job”
February 5, 2020
In Clark v. Champion National Security, Inc., a personnel manager had requested and received several accommodations for his diabetes.
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What Does the EEOC Think About Religious Accommodations? It’s Spooky!
October 31, 2019
In its latest edition of the Digest of EEO Law, the EEOC included an article entitled, “Religious Accommodation in the Workplace: An Overview of the Law and Recent Commission Decisions.” It provides guidance to private employers on the EEOC’s overall position on religious accommodations – and (just in time for Halloween) the conclusions are a little scary!
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Lactation Law Verdict Sends a Message: Don’t Mess With Mom!
May 7, 2019
$3.8 million dollars. That’s what a Tucson, Arizona jury awarded to a former fire paramedic denied workplace accommodations required under the Fair Labor Standards Act for women who want to pump breast milk for their infants.
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Leaving Work Early Due to Fear of Rush-Hour Traffic Is Not a Reasonable Accommodation
December 27, 2018
An employee requested that she be permitted to leave work early every day due to her anxiety triggered by driving home in heavy traffic.
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Eighth Circuit Weighs in on Religious Accommodations
December 6, 2018
The Eighth Circuit recently held in EEOC v. North Memorial Health Care, 908 F.3d 1098 (8th Cir. 2018), that the hospital properly moved on to another candidate after the first candidate refused to perform an essential function of the job.
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