CMS On Your Radar - Key employment issues to be aware of internationally


September 7, 2023

This edition of On your radar contains a wide variety of employment law themes including equality, employee mobility and work-life balance.  

Two countries, Luxembourg and Switzerland, discuss the new Framework Agreement for social security which increases the time that certain cross border teleworkers can spend in their country of residence (which is different to the location of their employer) and remain covered by the social security of their employer. With the rise in cross-border remote working, this change is timely.

Belgium outlines new anti-discrimination legislation extending their system of protection against retaliation, Brazil highlights new rules on pay transparency and Singapore’s proposals to strengthen protection against workplace discrimination includes a recommendation from the Tripartite Committee that mediation is used in discrimination claims.

In Colombia there has been changes affecting when an employee is entitled to a rest break for breastfeeding, and our colleagues in Spain and Slovenia summarise new leave periods for parents and carers, designed to enhance work-life balance.

Certain restrictions on outsourcing have been removed in Peru, while Norway describe the new requirements for staffing agencies aimed at combatting social dumping. Employment law remains a constantly changing force, so do please take a look at all the international developments covered in this edition.

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