Worklaw Comments on FTC Proposed Non-compete Rule
May 4, 2023
Worklaw recently submitted comments opposing the FTC’s proposed new rule on non-compete agreements.
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FTC Proposing Expansive Ban on Non-Compete Agreements
January 5, 2023
Earlier this week, the FTC announced that it took legal action against three companies, suing the companies to prevent them from using what the FTC described as unlawful non-compete restrictions.
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Employer’s Aggressive Tactics Allow Court to Deny Enforcement of Restrictive Covenant
August 25, 2022
Imagine that you have an employee that is leaving your company that has signed a non-competition and non-solicitation agreement. Now, let us imagine that same employee starts a business that not only directly competes with your business, but is taking clients from your business from the contacts he or she developed there.
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Non-Compete Agreements Under Fire and What That Really Means
August 23, 2021
President Biden recently issued an Executive Order taking aim at anti-competitive practices in his “Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy.”
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President Biden Targets Non-Compete Agreements
July 12, 2021
On Friday, July 9, 2021, President Biden issued a sweeping Executive Order which included in its scope possibly banning non-compete agreements.
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President Biden Issues Challenging Executive Order Seeking to Ban or Limit Non-Competes, Occupational Licensing Requirements, and Wage-Sharing
July 12, 2021
On July 9, 2021, President Biden signed a wide-ranging Executive Order intended to promote competition in the American economy.
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Employers: Restrictive Covenant Reform Is Coming to Illinois in 2021
June 16, 2021
Recently, the Illinois General Assembly passed legislation significantly amending the Illinois Freedom to Work Act, which governs the legality and enforceability of non-compete agreements and other post-employment restrictive covenants.
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“Transfer” Following Job Elimination Triggered Non-Compete Countdown
June 30, 2020
A recent case warns employers that there may be non-compete implications when employees are transferred to a new job after a position elimination – an issue of particular relevance in the current economic climate.
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Restriction Friction: Illinois and New York Attorneys General Finalize Settlement with WeWork That Limits Noncompetition Provisions
September 28, 2018
On September 18, 2018, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood reached a settlement with WeWork, a shared offices company that provides services around the world.
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Nevada Supreme Court Addresses Noncompete Agreement With Nationwide Scope
September 11, 2018
In Shores v. Global Experience Specialists, Inc.(Aug. 2, 2018), the Nevada Supreme Court addressed the reasonableness of a noncompete agreement that prohibited post-employment competition with the employer for one year across the United States.
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Recent Illinois Developments in Employee Non-Compete and Trade Secret Enforcement Actions: What Every Employer Should Know
July 31, 2017
Over the past several months, state and federal courts in Illinois have issued several important decisions that will impact employers’ efforts to enforce post-employment restrictive covenants and protect their trade secrets.
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Nevada Legislature Enacts New Law Regarding Noncompetition Agreements
June 20, 2017
Assembly Bill 276, recently passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor of Nevada, addresses the important issues of validity and enforceability of noncompetition agreements with former employees.
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