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Long-Term, Part-Time Employees Become Eligible to Make 401(k) Deferrals
November 22, 2023
Effective January 2024, long-term, part-time employees will become eligible to contribute pre-tax earnings to 401(k) plans.
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California Requires Employers To Register For CalSavers If Employers Do Not Offer Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan
May 12, 2021
CalSavers – California’s state-run individual retirement account program for workers whose covered employers do not offer retirement savings plans – is not preempted by the federal law of employee benefits, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled.
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SECURE Act Offers Numerous Changes Intended to Enhance Retirement Plan Savings
December 26, 2019
On Friday, December 20, President Trump signed into law the end-of-year appropriations (spending) bill that includes the much lauded, bipartisan-supported SECURE Act of 2019.
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New Oregon Legislation Intended to Ease Employer Costs Due to PERS’s Unfunded Liability
June 19, 2019
On May 30, 2019, the Oregon Senate and House passed Senate Bill 1049, the most recent legislative attempt at significant Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) reform.
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Family Savings Act Includes Many Positive Changes for Retirement Plans
January 10, 2019
In September, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed three bills collectively called Tax Reform 2.0. One of the bills, HR 6757 (Family Savings Act of 2018), will likely enjoy broad support in the Senate if it makes it to a vote there.
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Significant Changes Proposed for Employee Benefit Plan Audit Reports
September 5, 2017
Under ERISA, retirement plans and self-insured welfare plans with 100 or more participants (measured as of the beginning of the plan year) are generally required to conduct annual audits, and to include the audit reports with their annual Form 5500 filings.  The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) Auditing Standards Board has proposed changes to the reporting standards for annual audits of employee benefit plans that are covered by ERISA.
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Senate Votes to Revoke Department of Labor Guidance on State-Run Retirement Plans for Private Sector Employees
May 18, 2017
In yet another move to roll-back regulatory guidance issued during the Obama administration, earlier this month the U.S. Senate voted to revoke a final rule and associated interpretive guidance that the Department of Labor issued in 2016 that would have made it easier for states to set up state-sponsored retirement plans for private sector employees.
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