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Ontario: 24th Annual Employment Law Conference

Stringer LLP

June 21, 2023 - June 21, 2023

HR Compliance For the Hybrid Workplace

It has been three years since the pandemic started. During that time, HR compliance and the workplace have changed dramatically.

Now terms like hybrid work, quiet quitting, flex work, and right to disconnect are part of our everyday vocabulary. And changes to the workplace have been followed by a significant number of changes to legislation relating to employment contracts, health and safety, privacy and more, followed by many court decisions. It is not easy to keep up!

A practical way to Learn the Latest® is to attend the annual Ontario Employment Conference. For 24 years First Reference has partnered with the employment law professionals at Stringer, LLP to bring you the Ontario Employment Law Conference with the information you need to understand the ongoing changes to HR compliance and how they will impact your workplace.

We will again be hosting a hybrid conference. You can choose to attend at the conference centre or online and at any time you can change venues. In addition, you will receive a video of each session shortly after the conference that you can share with your staff.

Join us on June 21, 2023, to Learn the Latest® about these essential topics for 2023 and beyond:

•    HR Compliance for the Post-Pandemic Workplace
•    Compliance with the Employment Standards Act, 2000
•    Managing the Risk of Millions of Dollars of OHS Liability
•    Common, Related and Successor Employer Liability Explained and How to Avoid them
•    Workplace Harassment: Legal Compliance and Beyond
•    Wrongful dismissal Law Roundup
•    Privacy Law Developments
•    Employment Litigation in the Post-Pandemic World
•    Human Rights Law Update
•    And much more!

*Pre-approved by the Human Resources Professional Association for 5.5 Continuing Professional Development hours

To register click here.

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