Europe: CMS Expert Guide to Whistleblower Protection and Reporting Channels


February 28, 2022

CMS Employment Lawyers is delighted to present you an update of our CMS Expert Guide to Whistleblower Protection and Reporting Channels in each EU country. The Guide will help you to find the answers to the following questions:

•    Is there a law on whistleblowing in your country?
•    Does local law require private entities to establish a whistleblowing system?
•    What legal risks does an entity face for not establishing a whistleblowing system?
•    Are there any mandatory requirements for establishing a whistleblowing system under local labour law?
•    Does local law require employee involvement when establishing a whistleblowing system?
•    Does local law prohibit employees from disclosing irregularities/misconduct externally, e.g. to the public?
•    Is there legal protection aimed at preventing discrimination against or dismissal of a whistleblower (as employee) under local labour law?
•    Are there any mandatory requirements and/or accompanying measures under local data protection law?
•    Does local law prohibit a joint whistleblowing system of various entities in different jurisdictions?
CMS can help you put an internal whistleblower system in place, set up a structure for handling investigations, develop a communication strategy to ensure employees trust the company and feel comfortable coming forward with suspicions of wrongful behaviour, and that all this is done in a way that complies with data protection and labour law, all to reduce the possibility of any unnecessary and expensive litigation.

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