Expert Guide on Ukrainian Refugee Immigration and Travel Requirements


March 9, 2022

With the aim of providing a single source of information for Ukrainian refugees considering where they now go, the CMS employment team has gathered information on key points from a number of CMS jurisdictions.

This guide is intended for Ukrainian citizens who left Ukraine on or after 24 Feb 2022 and addresses the following questions in both English and Ukrainian:
•    Do I need a visa to enter this jurisdiction? If yes, where can a visa be obtained? If yes, what is the cost and time to get a visa?
•    How long can I stay in this jurisdiction?
•    Do I need a work permit to take up work in this jurisdiction?
•    Will I be able to enter this jurisdiction if I don’t have a biometric passport or if I don’t have any travel documents (e.g. foreign passport)?
•    Am I covered by COVID-19 restrictions when entering this jurisdiction? What restrictions are there?

This is an area that is continuing to evolve. The position will be monitored by the CMS team, and updates made – the latest version online should always be checked therefore.

Access the Guide here.