CMS Expert Guide to Labour Law in Central Eastern Europe


February 5, 2020

Looking for information on employment law in the CEE countries? Our online expert guide provides information on 17 jurisdictions!

Digitalisation, development of new technologies and increasing work flexibility have all influenced the labour market of Central Eastern Europe and resulted in new forms of employment, and increasingly common temporary or non-standard types of work. At the same time, workforce shortages in some regions are encouraging workers to migrate across borders, and expat issues are receiving more and more attention.

If your company is located in this region or you are planning to invest here, you need a far-sighted guide to help you break through the brick wall of legislation and achieve your goals. Your first stop should be our CMS Expert Guide to Labour Law in CEE. CMS is celebrating its 30-year presence in CEE, which makes us a real expert on the local markets and your best choice for advice.

To view the guide by jurisdiction, please click here.