Worklaw SHRM Court Reports

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July 26, 2017Concerns About Propriety of Romantic Relationship Upheld
July 12, 2017‘Mud Engineers’ Arguably Not Exempt
June 29, 2017Ontario: Court of Appeal Upholds Dishonest Employee’s Dismissal for Just Cause
June 29, 2017Employer Actions Following FMLA Leave Acceptable
June 28, 20172nd Circuit Revives Muslim Woman’s Claim over Hostile Comments
June 15, 2017Crude Comments Keep Race Discrimination Claim Alive
June 14, 2017Job Elimination During FMLA Leave OK’d
June 07, 2017Using Profanity on Social Media Can Be Protected Union-Related Speech
May 25, 2017Job Title Alone Does Not Make an Employee a Supervisor
May 18, 2017Employees Who Recommend Candidates for Jobs Are Supervisors Under the NLRA
May 11, 2017Ontario: Return to Work Not Always Required to Mitigate Losses
May 10, 2017Poor Performance Defeats Muslim Employee’s Claims of Discrimination
May 03, 2017Public Employee’s Offensive Social Media Comments Unprotected
April 26, 2017Joint Employers Weren’t on Notice About Overtime Despite Off-Hour E-Mails
April 20, 2017Gender Stereotype Protections Apply to Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Employees

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