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March 28, 2013Undocumented Workers May Recover Unpaid Wages Under FLSA
March 21, 2013Former Employee Must Arbitrate Age Discrimination Claim
March 14, 2013Repeated Solicitation for Sexual Relations Sufficient to Sustain Sexual Harassment Claim
March 08, 2013No FMLA Violation for Timely Reinstatement
March 01, 2013Employer’s Conflicting Policies Result in Trial on Bias Claim
February 22, 2013Employee’s Failure to Give Notice of Need for Leave Dooms FMLA Claims
February 15, 2013Layoff Based on Performance Evaluations, Not Discrimination
February 11, 2013Retail Store Manager’s Inability to Work Full Time Justified Termination
February 01, 2013No Finding of Race Discrimination in Failure-to-Promote Case
January 25, 2013No First Amendment Protection for Speech that Contradicted Employer’s Policy
January 18, 2013CBA Interpretation Not Needed in Worker Accommodation Dispute
January 11, 2013ADAAA Does Not Apply Retroactively
January 03, 2013ERISA Plan Administrators Have Broad Discretion Regarding Plan Contributions
December 21, 2012Employee Fired After Leave Request Lacks Triable FMLA Claims
December 13, 2012Employer Not Entitled to Restitution for Overpayment to Health and Pension Funds

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