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December 06, 2012EEOC Can Bring Sex Discrimination Suit, Is Not Liable for Attorney Fees
November 30, 2012Neutral Ranking Criteria Insulate Employer in Reduction-in-Force
November 26, 2012Former Bank Employee Failed to Prove Denial of Promotion Was Discriminatory
November 16, 2012Mortgage Bankers Not Entitled to Overtime Under FLSA
November 12, 2012Discharge of Attorney Was Not Due to Discrimination
November 05, 2012Age Bias Claim Should Go to Jury
October 26, 2012Licensed Practical Nurses Ruled Ineligible for Union Representation
October 23, 2012Wrongful Discharge Claim Not Permitted Under State Medical Marijuana Act
October 16, 2012No Nexus Between Protected Class Status and Employment Action
October 10, 2012Exception to Attorney-Client Privilege Extended to Insurers Acting as Plan Administrators
October 01, 2012Job Reassignment Was Required by ADA
September 24, 2012$3.5 Million in Punitive Damages Awarded for Hostile Environment
September 13, 2012Company’s Sale of Division Did Not Violate ERISA
September 07, 2012Dismissal Improper in Mixed-Motive Case
August 27, 2012Terminating Employee Who Requested Leave May Have Violated FMLA

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