CMS On Your Radar - Key employment issues worldwide
January 21, 2022
This edition of On your radar highlights important employment law developments expected in Europe in 2022.
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Pay Equity – What’s Good for the Gander is Good for the Goose?
January 20, 2022
Determining pay based on gender is wrong.
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EEOC Announces Filing Deadline for 2021 EEO-1 Reports
January 3, 2022
Although employers could be forgiven for wanting to forget about 2021, they should not forget about one 2021 hangover: EEO-1 reporting.
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Ten Things Oregon and Washington Employers Should Know For 2022
December 29, 2021
As 2021 comes to a close, here are ten things employers in Oregon and Washington should know.
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Massachusetts: Firing an Employee for Filing a Rebuttal in Their Personnel File Violates Public Policy
December 23, 2021
In Massachusetts, employees have a statutory right to respond in writing to anything negative their employer puts in their personnel file unless the employer agrees to make changes that are satisfactory to the employee.  But is that right limited in any way?
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Extraordinary Workplace Misconduct: Bah Humbug!
December 8, 2021
In this season of joy and giving, we ran across our next instance in our occasional series of craziness in the workplace. This one involves the embodiment of Scrooge (before he found the Christmas spirit, of course).
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Ontario Passes the Working for Workers Act, 2021
December 2, 2021
New rules affecting employment relationships in unprecedented and varying ways have been made as a result of the Ontario Government passing Bill 27, the Working for Workers Act, 2021 (“Bill 27”).
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Extraordinary Workplace Misconduct: Multitasking … While Performing Surgery
November 23, 2021
In our occasional series of outrageous workplace conduct, the marked increase in remote work during the pandemic has created interesting opportunities for employees to engage in some poorly-considered multi-tasking.
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Correctly Calculating the FLSA Regular Rate - A Common Pitfall of the FLSA
November 23, 2021
The Fair Labor Standards Act mandates that non-exempt employees be paid one and one-half times their regular rate for all hours worked over forty (40) in a given workweek. However, calculating overtime pay correctly can be tricky when an employee works at two or more different rates during a single workweek.
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Ontario: Teacher Found Not Guilty for Student Drowning; What Does This Say About the Burden of Proof in OHS Criminal Cases?
October 28, 2021
On one unfortunate day in July 2017, a 15-year-old boy drowned while swimming in a lake on a school wilderness canoe trip. The teacher supervising the group of students that was swimming, Mr. Nicholas Mills, was charged with criminal negligence causing death.
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Deducting Non-Exempt Employee Meal-Breaks While Traveling: Eleventh Circuit Serves-Up Heartburn for Employers
October 21, 2021
Recently, two federal courts of appeals could not agree on what seems to be a straightforward question: Can an employer deduct for a meal break when traveling employees have no other duties while in transit?
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Employers – Do Not Ignore Confederate Flag Sightings in the Workplace!
October 20, 2021
In Moore v. Conn. Dept. of Corrections, a federal court judge recently denied an employer’s efforts to have an employee’s hostile work environment claim thrown out. The employee alleged that she walked past another employee’s Confederate flag license plate at least 100 times when entering and exiting the workplace.
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